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We know your honeymoon is very special to you and we help to make it both memorable and an experience you’ll talk about well into your 10th, 25th 30th and golden wedding anniversaries!

To hear couples still talk about their honeymoon years later means we have done something right!

because Its not just another holiday…..

We help people cut through the maze of the Cybernet, with all the travel sites out there, it can get confusing as to what , who , and which sites to visit – we have been in the industry for over 35 years and have a wealth of knowledge to impart to you.

Our aim is to personalise your arrangements to you ensuring you receive the best value in your honeymoon plans. We hope to inspire and provoke your thoughts and minds as to what you can do out there, and we have your interest at heart in preparing itineraries that enhance your experiences and not just selling you a holiday but making sure it all works properly - starting with getting you to and from your front door!

We are an independent Travel Agency which means we are not tied to any particular company or directional selling policy – We have your interests at heart. We financially protect your purchase, take responsibility for everything that happens in the travel arrangements - thus giving you piece of mind.

We may never be the cheapest - don’t forget the old adage - they are cheap for a reason! BUT we will offer the best value for money you can get. We will work with you and your budget to ensure everything is right for you and your partner, so take a look around our site, Facebook pages or contact us on the form below and lets start the ball rolling!

Like to Chill?


Can you see yourself sat on the white beach with not a care in the world? Can you see yourselves enjoying fine dining in a restaurant by the sea? can you see yourself sailing away into the sunset?, well it can all be done  - we can match the destination and the resorts that will tick your boxes

Are you a doer?


Are you the active lifestyle couple? then an activity based honeymoon could be perfect for you. So cycling around the Vineyards of Europe or zip wiring in colourful Costa Rica, Scuba diving in the Red sea perhaps or trekking across the Atlas mountains - Whatever your bag let us help to put it all together and make it work!

Like to have an experience eg: Safari Tours ?


Seeing wildlife in its natural environment is one of life's great experiences and linking it with a beach stay is a great combination, we can offer ideas in Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, S Africa and exotic Zanzibar to name but a few take  a look!

Please take  a look around and let us know what you what your thoughts are? follow us on Facebook or email us now